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Winston Widjaja Lin

Winston Widjaja Lin is a gaysian writer of Indonesian and Taiwanese heritage. His work has been published by Buah, Variety Pack, EcoTheo Review, The Kindling, Papeachu Press, and elsewhere. His published work has been translated into Spanish, and has appeared in journals across three continents. Interests that complement his love for art include health, social sciences, and comparative theology & philosophy. Follow him on Instagram @faboo_boba_teh, and learn more about him here:

A Few Post-Submission Phases


My manuscript? Ehh—

it’s stuck in the slush pile.



Imagine the slush pile as a

9 to 5 workday. If each

manuscript represents a minute,

my poems are the 3:01 PM slot

when workers wantsanap!



Wake. Up. Gatekeeper.


Give me a “Yes!”


Give me a “No!”


Tell me to make our world beautiful

before humans become good bones

after global warming melts our flesh.


Instead of buying four green apple slushies

with egg pudding in each, I gave you

a $25 submission fee...

Do you care about my sacrifices?

Wait Time

Boredom can feel like death.


I know of many boba cafes’ weekend lines

that move slower than a kidney stone

during push.


I know waiting in long lines usually summons cell phones,

but I usually observe the physical surroundings instead.


Occasionally, I’ll experience epiphanies:


I wanted to write about the sunrise, but I got distracted.

I took five pics of that skyline, now they're lost on my phone.

I should try boba AND lychee jelly in a taro milk tea.

Resourcefulness manifests in various feelings and forms.

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