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Gillian Winn

Gillian Winn has a passion for the natural world and ecology. She is currently studying creative writing with the Open University. She retired from nursing after 40 years and now channels her creativity writing poetry and prose. She has had poetry featured on several online sites and is currently collating material for a chapbook. She lives in rural Yorkshire in England.

The Secret Stuffer

She seems to be respectable,

A pillar of society,

Upright, honest, personable,

A model of sobriety,

Her outward face is kept for best,

But, behind her closed front door,

She has a love of taxidermy,

A lust for blood and gore!

When the cat has gone astray,

The dog has dropped his bone,

She is busy with her gruesome task,

In her killing zone, 

Formaldehyde and chemicals, scent her secret lair,

Treating pelts and feathers,

Curing fleece and hair,

Teasing out ligaments, reinforcing shape,

With her lethal instruments,

Scalpel, cut and scrape!

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