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Jessica Brazell

Jessica Brazell is a writer living in Oklahoma. Her twitter is @JessicaFBrazell


Violent, out of style,

marked by hot coils:


I did put my chin down

on the stovetop, and 

my right hand, at your right



My heart murmurs, in 

no agony, nothing to speak


Mannequin Mercy

I knew when 

things that resembled 

humans were not 


but I didn’t know if 

or when 

they would be ensouled. 

My hunch was that 

they’d be angry 

whenever this happened, 

or else 

have a soul 

that feels nothing but 


the thing 

you’re an imitation of. 

Porcelain dolls 

knew as soon as they 

could know 

that even though 

they were weak

I was scared. 

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