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Chaelio Thomas

Chaelio Thomas is a writer from Dublin, Ireland who teaches at second level and enjoys vintage fashion. She has been published on, The Honest Ulsterman, Visual Verse and was featured in the Queer Amnesty Ireland Art show. She writes poetry, short stories, radio plays and tweets @Jenanifur.

T. rex on a treadmill

T. rex on a treadmill 

Little flappy arms flailing  

Mighty knees pounding the 

Conveyor belt 

Has to call Stego in 

To stop the machine 

But Stego gets caught 

In the door jamb 

All Diplodocus does is watch

Through the window with 

A Cletus guffaw and who 

Could blame peanut brain?

Maybe T should focus 

On his core, delts etc? 

His tree trunk legs are 

Legendary, but those abs 

Disappeared once the raptors 

Ran his errands and he started 

On the beer.


Archaeopteryx is at the therapist 

Again feeling like she doesn’t fit in 

Triceratops is there too

As he doesn’t have three only two 

Brontosaurus keeps the peace 

He’s the one who bought the treadmill 

And cheers up T with videos of kids 

In inflatable effigies running through 

Grass or on trampolines with laughing 

Fathers – little flappy arms flailing 

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