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Andrea Laws

Andrea Laws currently resides in Lawrence, KS, working in the field of scholarly publishing for the University Press of Kansas. She graduated from the University of Kansas with both a B.A. in English with a focus on creative writing and in Film Studies with a focus on film theory and criticism. Her poetry has been published in three compiled books of poetry and featured on twelve literary websites, journals, and blogs. Her influences have been from the masters of gothic literature, but she would like to think that she adds a modern voice to this genre with her incorporation of current themes through an “old school” format. Andrea wants her readers to have a sense of longing and desire to seek the unknown and always want more by understanding what her words mean to them. She is a nature-loving, dark enduring, Kansas girl that seeks to break barriers of stereotypes.


struts down the slums

wearing only skin, and

spreads herself like a martyr


she is the moment

passing property, she

seeks for pleasure


her love to you

offered in matters of

time as her walk fades


with sharp heel clicks and

her real name is never




where is your eye

this judged case

where the sentence is

destruction dance



we await 

your homecoming 

reminisce the past by

rummaging the damage

you created that we 



is it your understanding,

gathering debris to


is it your way to

remind us that we

are not in power?


drop out of 


build up devour, 

leaving building

blocks of karma to

tower survivors


hail tears remain suspicious, 

thunder rolling auspicious

remember we are alike

will we ever learn

when your lightening

will strike?


your footsteps patter 

my bones fill with 

dark desire 

to worship you


your eyes

sunken holes that once

reflected journeys of 

intimacies forbidden


I stop myself from

stirring the cauldron

I drink the anecdote and

cast a crucifix for


nostalgic protection 

I once believed

the only footprints I see

are mine

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