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Ken Tomaro

Ken Tomaro is a writer living in Cleveland, Ohio. His writing has been published in several online and print journals and reflects everyday life with depression. Sometimes blunt, often depressive but always grounded in reality. His full-length collection, Potholes and Perogies (through Alien Buddha Press) is available on Amazon.

If you want to be in academia you have to look the part

where do the poets go

when they are done poeting?

do they slink back into a crack in the wall

of some dark coffee shop?

do they hang out in front of the mirror

fixing their slick 50’s style hair

adjust their retro shades,

their bowling shirts

their tweed jackets and pipes

whispering the word laureate 

over and over again

laureate, laureate...until they are convinced?

where do the poets go

when they are done with the word?

are they gypsies

roaming from one reading to the next?

do they sleep amongst the books

of some grand academic library

or in a comfortable hole in the earth?

do they talk about sports

or the Saturday night movie?

do they eat macaroni and cheese?

On why we listen to the experts

I heard somewhere

if you want to improve your posture

pretend you’re shooting lasers from your nipples

and aim for someone’s head

which makes as much sense 

as anything I guess

but I also heard Burgess Meredith say

to get through the hard times, the long days

close your eyes and picture a farm

a nice little plot of land


pinch your nose

and bob your head up and down

until you need to breathe

to unclog your sinuses


swish olive oil in your mouth 

for no less than five minutes

to loosen the plaque


wrap onions on your feet while you sleep

to get rid of foot odor


pour peroxide in your ears

until it stops bubbling to get rid of a cold



did we ever make it?

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