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Daithí Kearney

Irish poet, Daithí Kearney, is a musician living in Co. Louth whose poetry is inspired by his local area and fatherhood. He is co-director of the Creative Arts Research Centre at Dundalk Institute of Technology. 


Your eyes look deep within me

Trusting, smiling, knowing,

Challenging me to understand

Your certainty.


You smile, cry, laugh interchangeably

As if one long sentence of

Perfect prose, uninterrupted

By doubt


You battle sleep and question my

Efforts to create calm,

Challenging the world to appreciate

Your energy


You are certain of your place

With your power that has turned

Our world upside down

And filled it full of joy

The Adventurer

I watched as you crossed the expansive desert of the dining room

Scaled the Everest of my chest as I lay upon the floor

Undaunted you sought to climb over obstacles in your way

Until you reached the great wide ocean that lay beyond the kitchen door


You looked around in awe from the crow's nest in my arms

Setting sail on a great adventure, you were the captain, we were crew.

You charted a new course for us across the sea of life,

Pointing out so many things we never saw before


Your play mat was your island that you ruled with iron fist

Constructing and destructing all within your reach.

But when you're tired or feeling lonely there's a hamlet that you seek

Nestled in our arms and there you'll go to sleep.

Towards Tomorrow

I get to share your wonder-filled enthusiasm
Unfettered confidence, unaware of danger
Until you reach the edge, pause and turn.

Sometimes you take my hand
For just a moment until you pass
The obstacle or danger, then run

Clumsily but determined
You step into the world
Ready to make your mark.


I get to share your wonder-filled trepidation
Unnerving doubt, seeing all dangers
You're at the edge and can't turn back.

Sometimes you take my hand
Squeeze and hope to pass
The obstacle or danger, then walk

Clumsily but determined
To do the right thing
For your son.


We get to share our wonder-filled existence
Full of trials and tribulations
Safe in each other's arms.

Let's hold hands and
Help each other pass
Every obstacle and danger

No matter how clumsy
We keep walking together
Towards tomorrow. 

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