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Nate Hoil

Nate Hoil is a caretaker for clients with cognitive illnesses. You can find more of his work at

Bankroll Darwinism

In my biographical film, 

my real friends are hotter than the actors who play them. 

I’m no Kerouac, 

but I dug up and ate his brain. 


I’m on a motorcycle for the first time ever, 

weaving through parked traffic at 7 mph. 

I put the hurt on. 

I’m always wearing the hurt.  


And baby you can put my brain in your wagon.

And I’m always doing pushups with a pen behind my ear.


Never read anything out loud if you don’t already know what it says. 

I’m not the same person that you’ve seen in your dreams. 


And there’s plenty more where everything else came from.

And I’m a big bloody pile of sex and rock n roll. 


I see that you’re pissed. Now I’m pissing my pants 

(I’m wearing a beautiful pantsuit). 

How many candles should I light to lead the way?

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