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Abbie Doll

the difference between a bluegill and a bluefin tuna

here’s a question—

am I the catch of the day

…or just the fish in season?

how on earth did I fall for this timeworn trap

seduced by this stranger’s line

and their strategic bait?

who’s the lucky one

me, the girl who’s hooked,

poked and prodded

or the one left behind,

the one free to roam?

here’s another question—

was I caught for you

and your amusement?

am I precious cargo

or run-of-the-mill?

am I in the “catch and release” pile?

can I expect to be tossed back

scarred and untrusting?

why was I so naïve?

I saw all the signs

the boat, the line, the lure

I knew better

everyone else swam past

but not me—

I swam           over

prepositions make a big difference some days

I just wanted to matter

forget the appeal and allure of adventure

I yearned to be your prizewinner

a cherished catch

a freakin’ beaut 

do you ever just catch yourself

chasing things you shouldn’t?

About the Poet

Abbie Doll is an eclectic mess of a person who loves exploring the beautiful intricacies of the written word. She resides in Columbus, OH and received her MFA from Lindenwood University; her work has been featured or is forthcoming in Door is a Jar Magazine, Ellipsis Zine, OPEN: Journal of Arts & Letters (O:JA&L), among others. Follow her @AbbieDollWrites

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